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Automatic plucker is suitable for the plucking of all classes of raw cotton, cotton chemical fiber and middle-long fiber shorter than 76mm. It’s the first procedure of the machine and consists of pulley, central axis, expansion tube and ground rail,etc. For large utomatic plucker is suitable for the plucking of all classes of raw cotton, cotton chemical fiber number of raw material varieties with great differences, FA003 improves the number of mixed bale and reduce the mixing units, helps to improve working quality

Blow Room CLC-3 & SPFPU Trutzschler

Evenly blending the raw material is one of the key elements to producing quality finished products. Akram Cotton Mills Limited is committed to quality and therefore uses the latest machines to achieve this end.

Card Card TC-19i Trutzschler

This machine is equipped with the largest coilers available in the market and it allow us to produce longer silvers; thus minimizing the number of joints and enhancing the durability of the yarn.

Comber Omega lap E-36 Rieter

OMEGAlap E 36 with proven winding belt technology is the most economic combing preparation system and provides the qualitatively best conditions for high-performance combing.

Lap production is based on the unique winding belt technology. The belt specially developed for this purpose is wrapped around the lap as it builds up. This results in an optimal distribution of contact pressure over the circumference of the lap. This enables production of a uniformly wound lap of optimal quality, at simultaneous maximum productivity and speed.

Drawing Breaker SBD-26 Rieter

This high speed draw frame from Toyota facilitates the precision and efficiency of the drawing process. Toyota Finisher Drawing DX8-T. This new double delivery draw frame with auto leveling adds to the proficiency and adeptness of the process.

Comber Omega lap E-90 Rieter

Preparing carded fiber for spinning

Simplex Simplex/Roving Frame FL-16 TOYOTA

This machine allows for settings to be stored and reproduced any time. Automatic roving separation minimizes the manual work to merely removing the full roving bobbins and replacing them with empty tubes.

Ring Ring Frames EJM-178 China

With the COVEMAT auto doffing system it has become viable to produce compact yarn that has better texture, is less hairy and more durable.


Control over the product is optimized through a bridge that connects the spinning frame to the winders and allows for auto doffing of the bobbins. The twin splicing system is efficient and produces a better quality splice than the parent yarn.